Darmand’s Ultimate Science Academy

Learning Science with God

About Us

We are an evening institute that specializes in the sciences. We also offer classes in Spanish, English, Information Technology, Mathematics and Robotics.  We also offer subjects in many other areas 

Meet The Leaders

Godfry Darmand and his wife, Erica Darmand masterminded a school that would be able to help student who had issues in regular classes after seeing the lack of time teachers had to interact with their students.

Godfry Darmand

Godfry Darmand

Science Educator

Godfrey Darmand has been an Educator for over 40 years where he specializes in Physics and chemistry. He is passionate about the teaching and learning of Science and equally as passionate when giving career counseling and advice. He has been an exam marker and an SBA marker as well. He is firm in his belief that science must be learnt with God for a full and deep understanding. He is married with children and an elder in his church. His vision is to see all children do well especially in the sciences. 

His favorite expression is “Ok guys we are working for that one with straight A profiles”

Erica Darmand

Erica Darmand

Biology Specialist

Erica Darmand has been an Educator for over 15 years. She is a Biology specialist and is passionate about the teaching-learning process. She spends time with her students giving advice and career counseling. She is an experienced CXC marker and a trained SBA moderator. She is married with children and works with the youths of her church.
Her vision is to see DUSA impacting the lives of all its students.

Her favourite expression is “Come on guys, chop chop”